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Simba NAC- Image Technology Hiden umicore CEBORA EMPA TEKNA AIR LIQUIDE

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Plasma fundamentals, modeling and simulation
Plasma sources, design and characterization
Plasma processes, diagnostics and monitoring

  Areas and application fields:
  Thermal plasmas
Low pressure and atmospheric non-equilibrium plasmas
Non-equilibrium phenomena
Plasma spraying and surface treatments  
Plasma deposition and treatment of polymers
Plasma cutting and welding
Plasma electrodes interaction  
Plasma medicine and biomedical applications
Light generation and radiation transport
Plasma synthesis (nanomaterials, fullerenes, polymers, ultrafine powders)
Plasmas and liquids
Material treatment and metallurgy
Plasma processing for microelectronics and micromechanics
Aeronautical and space industry
Plasma aided combustion
Environmental applications (waste abatment, VOC conversion, DeSOx, DeNOx, …)
Plasmas for energy (fuel cells, solar cells, …)

  Plenary speakers on the subject... “where are we coming from, where are we going in plasma science?”:

  Invited speakers:
  • Farzaneh Arefi-Khonsari
  • Mikhail S Benilov
  • Annemie Bogaerts
  • Peter Bruggeman
  • Ellen R Fisher
  • Theresa Freeman
  • Alain Gleizes
  • Mineo Hiramatsu
  • Tatiana Kavka
  • Savino Longo
  • Jean Michael Pouvesle
  • Philip G Rutberg
  • Jochen Schein
  • Masaya Shigeta
  • Gervais Soucy

Final and full Program


SUNDAY JUNE 24th 2012

San Giovanni in Monte


16.00 – 18.00     Registration of participants


18.00                 Welcome Cocktail






MONDAY JUNE 25th 2012

San Giovanni in Monte


08.30 – 09.00     Opening Ceremony


09.00 – 12.50     Session 1

Chair: G. Soucy, M. S. Benilov


09.00 – 09.50     Plenary talk I

The induction plasma, four decades of research and development work

M. I. Boulos


09.50 – 10.20     Invited talk I

Spots on cathodes of DC glow and arc discharges: self-organization theory and its applications

M. S. Benilov


10.20 – 10.40     Coffee Break


10.40 – 11.00     Oral talk 1

Induction plasma synthesis of nanostructured SOFC cells

Y. Shen, F. Gitzhofer


11.00 – 11.20     Oral talk 2

Influence of processing parameters on the properties of silicon nanoparticles
synthesized by radio-frequency induction thermal plasma p

M. Boselli, V. Colombo, N. Daniëls, C. Delval, E. Ghedini, M. Gherardi, C. Jaeggi, M. Leparoux,
S. Put, P. Sanibondi


11.20 – 11.40     Oral talk 3

A large amount synthesis of nanopowder using modulated induction thermal plasmas synchronized with intermittent feeding of raw materials

Y. Tanaka, T. Tsuke, W. Guo, Y. Uesugi, T. Ishijima, S. Watanabe, K. Nakamura


11.40 – 12.00     Oral talk 4

Diagnostics of an inductively coupled thermal plasma reactor used for nanoparticle synthesis and in-flight functionalization

C. Delval, M. Leparoux, C. Jäggi and C. Deschenaux


12.00 – 12.20     Oral talk 5

Spheroidization of the tungsten carbides with CH4/CO2 plasma

L. Pershin, A. Mitrasinovic, J. Mostaghimi


12.20 – 12.50     Invited talk II

High temperature ammonia gas injection during synthesis of single-walled carbon nanotubes by induction thermal plasma

G. Soucy


12.50 – 14.00     Lunch






14.00 – 18.10     Session 2

Chair: A. Bogaerts, M. Hiramatsu


14.00 – 14.50     Plenary talk II

H2-CH4-(0-Ɛ)B2H6 microwave plasmas for intrinsic and boron-doped diamond single crystal growth

A. Gicquel


14.50 – 15.20     Invited talk III

Synthesis of graphene-based films using microwave plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition

M. HiramatsuM. Hiramatsu


15.20 – 15.40     Oral talk 6

Novel plasma processing for development of high functional coatings

A. Kobayashi


15.40 – 16.00     Oral talk 7

Deposition of metal organic catalytic coating by PEMOCVD for the elaboration of a new microfluidic device

B. Da Silva, C. Guyon, S. Ognier, D. D’Elia, P. Da Costa, D. Bonn, M. Tatoulian


16.00 – 16.20     Coffee Break


16.20 – 16.40     Oral talk 8

Chemical interplay in non-thermal air plasma induced oxidation of mixtures of two different organic pollutants

E. Marotta, M. Schiorlin, V. Shapoval, E. Ceriani, E. Gazza, C. Paradisi


16.40 – 17.00     Oral talk 9

Incineration of organic liquid waste by underwater thermal plasma

M. Mabrouk, F. Lemont, J.M. Baronnet


17.00 – 17.20     Oral talk 10

Decomposition of 1-decanol emulsion by water plasma at atmospheric pressure

S. Choi, T. Watanabe


17.20 – 17.40     Oral talk 11

Decontamination of dissolved organic contaminants by atmospheric dielectric barrier discharge plasma above a flowing water layer

M. Mueller, H. Schikora, A. Montras, J. Alvarez, M. H. Valsero, J. M. Bayona


17.40 – 18.10     Invited talk IV

Investigation of plasma-bacteria cell wall interaction by atomic-scale simulations  

A. Bogaerts







TUESDAY JUNE 26th 2012

San Giovanni in Monte


08.30 – 12.40     Session 3

Chair: E. R. Fisher, F. Arefi-Khonsari


08.30 – 09.20     Plenary talk III

                        Cold plasma nano-techonology

R. d’Agostino

09.20 – 09.50     Invited talk V

Catalyst free plasma assisted copolymerization of poly (ε-caprolactone)-poly (ethylene glycol) for biomedical applications

F. Arefi-Khonsari


09.50 – 10.10     Oral talk 12

3D integrated micro solution plasmas

and their application to nano materials processing

T. Shirafuji, N. Saito and O. Takai


10.10 – 10.30     Coffee Break


10.30 – 10.50     Oral talk 13

Plasma meets chemistry: combined methods for tailored interface design in metal-polymer composites by selective chemical reactions on plasma modified surfaces

                          R. Mix, S. Hielscher, U. Beck, J. F. Friedrich


10.50 – 11.10     Oral talk 14

Simulation of small-medium and large area PECVD systems for silicon thin films solar cells

E. Amanatides, S. Sfikas, D. Mataras


11.10 – 11.30     Oral talk 15

Structure and electrochemical properties of track-etched membranes with a plasma polymer top layer

L.I. Kravets, S.N. Dmitriev, V. Satulu, B. Mitu, G. Dinescu


11.30 – 11.50     Oral talk 16

Aerosol-assisted atmospheric plasma deposition of hybrid organic-inorganic nanocomposite coatings

F. Fracassi, F. Fanelli, A. M. Mastrangelo


11.50 – 12.10     Oral talk 17

Plasma spray-PVD: plasma characterization and impact on coating properties

G. Mauer, R. Vaßen


12.10 – 12.40     Invited talk VI

Gas-phase ion and neutral energetics and their contributions to plasma-surface interactions

E. R Fisher


12.40 – 14.00     Lunch




14.00 – 17.00     Session 4

Chair: J. Mostaghimi, J. Schein


14.00 – 14.50     Plenary talk VI

                        Innovation of plasma spray technology

T. Yoshida


14.50 – 15.20     Invited talk VII

Control of wire arc spray process using artificial neural networks in connection with a particle flux imaging system

 J. Schein


15.20 – 15.40     Oral talk 18

Experimental observation of liquid feedstock behaviour in suspension and solution plasma spraying

A. Joulia, C. Chazelas, M. Vardelle, S. Goutier, P. Fauchais


15.40 – 16.00     Oral talk 19

Plasma sprayed coatings generation: experimental study of splat formation

G. Bidron, S. Goutier, P. Denoirjean, M. Vardelle, P. Fauchais


16.00 – 16.20     Coffee Break


16.20 – 16.40     Oral talk 20

Suspension plasma spraying: from liquid/gas interaction to coating building

E. Meillot, D. Damiani, R. Vert, C. Caruyer


16.40 – 17.00     Oral talk 21

Fundamental investigation of the solution precursor plasma spray (SPPS) process

G. Bertolissi, C. Chazelas, G.Bolelli, M. Vardelle, L. Lusvarghi, A. Vardelle

17.00 – 18.15     Poster Session 1


17.00 – 19.00     EU-FP7 SIMBA project workshop

Industrial needs for nanoparticles and the european Horizon 2020








San Giovanni in Monte


08.30 – 12.40     Session 5

Chair: P. Bruggeman, J. M. Pouvesle


08.30 – 09.20     Plenary talk V

Plasma medicine: fundamentals and applications

A. Fridman

09.20 – 09.50     Invited talk VIII

Antitumoral effect of non thermal plasmas produced by a plasma gun: plasma treatment alone or in combination with chemotherapy

J. M. Pouvesle


09.50 – 10.10     Oral talk 22

Cell repulsive/cell adhesive behavior on films deposited by an atmospheric pressure DBD fed with TEGDME aerosol

G. Da Ponte, E. Sardella, F. Fanelli, R. Gristina, P. Favia


10.10 – 10.30     Coffee Break


10.30 – 10.50     Oral talk 23

Hydrogen peroxide production using ambient pressure microplasmas

C. A. Vasko, T. H. M.v.d. Ven, P. Bruggeman


10.50 – 11.10     Oral talk 24

Influence of ultrasonic irradiation on ozone generation in a dielectric barrier discharge

J. Drews, Y. Kusano, F. Leipold, A. Bardenshtein, N. Krebs


11.10 – 11.30     Oral talk 25

Functionalization of CNTs in the afterglow of a cold atmospheric pressure plasma jet: comparison of aerosol and dry particle injection

U. Lommatzsch, D. Kolacyak, J. Ihde


11.30 – 11.50     Oral talk 26

The anti-fouling properties of plasma polymerized mercapto thin films on dental implants

H. Goktas, D. Cokeliler, A. Ozkan, P. Imirzalioglu



11.50 – 12.10     Oral talk 27

Plasma assisted combustion of propane

L. M. Martini, G. Dilecce, M.Scotoni, P. Tosi

12.10 – 12.30     Oral talk 28

Multi-imaging techniques for the characterization of a nanopulsed DBD system for biomedical applications

M. Boselli, V. Colombo, E. Ghedini, M. Gherardi, R. Laurita, A. Liguori, F. Rotundo, P. Sanibondi, A. Stancampiano



12.30 – 13.00     Invited talk IX

Cold atmospheric pressure RF plasma jets: the diagnostic challenge

P. Bruggeman


13.00 – 14.30     Lunch


14.30 – 20.00     RAVENNA TOUR







San Giovanni in Monte


08.30 – 12.40     Session 6

Chair: A. Surov, T. Freeman


08.30 – 09.20     Plenary talk VI

                        Plasmas and polymers: a personal perspective

 M. R. Wertheimer


09.20 – 09.50     Invited talk X

Microsecond-pulsed DBD plasma induces chondrogenic differentiation in mesenchymal cells

T. Freeman


09.50 – 10.10     Oral talk 29

Liquid mediated effects on cells, bacteria, and model membranes by plasma-born reactive species

M. U. Hammer, H. Tresp, M. Hänsch, J. Winter, Th. von Woedtke, K.D. Weltmann, S. Reuter


10.10 – 10.30     Coffee Break


10.30 – 10.50     Oral talk 30

Characterisation of an Ar-H2-O2 ICP by OES:

measurement of the atomic concentrations of H and O

                          J. Altenberend, G. Chichignoud, Y. Delannoy


10.50 – 11.10     Oral talk 31

Large-scale synthesis of high quality and high purity carbon nanotubes by liquid precursor plasma spraying (LPPS)

K. S. Kim, C. Kingston, D. Ruth, M. Barnes, B. Simard


11.10 – 11.30     Oral talk 32

The investigation of movement dynamics of an AC electric arc attachment along the working surface of a hollow cylindrical electrode under the action of gas-dynamic and electromagnetic forces

A.V. Surov, S. D. Popov, Е.О. Serba, G. V. Nakonechny, V. А. Spodobin, R. V. Ovchinnikov,
I. I. Kumkova


11.30 – 11.50     Oral talk 33

Electrode temperature measurements of multi-phase AC arc by high-speed video camera

M. Tanaka, T. Ikeba, Y. Liu, T. Matsuura, and T. Watanabe


11.50 – 12.10     Oral talk 34

Experimental observations of arc-anode attachment in steam-argon-air environment

O. M. Chumak, A. Mašláni, M. Hrabovský


12.10 – 12.40     Invited talk XI

The investigation of parameters of an AC electric arc, burning in a mixture of steam and air in the three-phase high-voltage plasma torch

P. G. Rutberg


12.40 – 14.00     Lunch

14.00 – 17.00     Session 7

Chair: J. Heberlein, T. Kavka


14.00 – 14.50     Plenary talk VII

                        Plasma predictions: past, present and future  

J. J. Lowke


14.50 – 15.20     Invited talk XII

Experimental study of anode processes in plasma arc cutting

T. Kavka


15.20 – 15.40     Oral talk 35

Self-consistent computational modelling of arc welding, including the influence of metal vapour

A. B. Murphy


15.40 – 16.00     Oral talk 36

Gas mixtures in plasma tungsten arc welding

M. Schnick, U. Fuessel, A. Spille-Kohoff, A. B. Murphy


16.00 – 16.20     Coffee Break


16.20 – 16.40     Oral talk 37

Surface-controlled droplet oscillations in gas metal arc welding

B. Bachmann, E. Siewert, J. Schein


16.40 – 17.00     Oral talk 38

Plasma arc cutting: research status

T. Renault


17.00 – 18.15     Poster Session 2







FRIDAY JUNE 29th 2012

San Giovanni in Monte


08.30 – 12.40     Session 8

Chair: A. Gleizes, M. Shigeta


08.30 – 09.20     Plenary talk VIII

Model based design for non-equilibrium plasmas: reality, expectation or fantasy

                           M. J. Kushner


09.20 – 09.50     Invited talk XIII

Time-dependent 3-D simulation of a DC-RF hybrid thermal plasma

M. Shigeta


09.50 – 10.10     Oral talk 39

RF – Plasmatorches – History Constructions Application

S. Dresvin, J. Amouroux


10.10 – 10.30     Coffee Break


10.30 – 10.50     Oral talk 40

Treatment of energy equations in OpenFOAM based two temperature oxygen plasma model

D. Osterhouse, J. V. R. Heberlein


10.50 – 11.10     Oral talk 41

Calculation of the net emission coefficient of air thermal plasma at very high pressure

T. Billoux, Y. Cressault, Ph. Teulet, A. Gleizes

11.10 – 11.30     Oral talk 42

Detailed numerical simulation of single-walled carbon nanotube synthesis in a radio-frequency induction thermal plasma system

S. Arabzadeh Esfarjani, S. B. Dworkin, J. Mostaghimi, K S. Kim, C. T. Kingston, B. Simard, G. Soucy


11.30 – 11.50     Oral talk 43

Exploring chemical and thermal non-equilibrium in nitrogen arcs

S. Ghorui, A.K. Das


11.50 – 12.10     Oral talk 44

Hydrogen properties of excited atoms and molecules under RF plasma conditions

J. Amouroux, S. Dresvin


12.10 – 12.40     Invited talk XIV

Transport coefficients and radiation properties of air-Al thermal plasmas  

A. Gleizes


12.40 – 14.00     Lunch




14.00 – 16.30     Session 9

Chair: E. Ghedini, S. Longo


14.00 – 14.30     Invited talk XV

Models of low pressure hydrogen plasma sources for material science and energy generation

S. Longo


14.30 – 14.50     Oral talk 45

Time-resolved characterization of a pulsed discharge in a stationary bubble

P. Vanraes, A. Nikiforov, M. Lessiak, C. Leys

14.50 – 15.10     Oral talk 46

Fundamental aspects and applications of laser induced plasmas in liquids

A. De Giacomo, M. Dell’Aglio, O. De Pascale, R. Gaudiuso, M. Lawrence-Snyder,

S. M. Angel


15.10 – 15.30     Oral talk 47

Computer modeling of metal-ceramic plasma coatings formation

O.P. Solonenko, V.A. Blednov, V.I. Iordan


15.30 – 15.50     Oral talk 48

Increased momentum delivered to a flow due to ion-neutral collisions

A. Fruchtman, G. Makrinich

15.50 – 16.10     Oral talk 49

Optimized HIPIMS discharge geometry for wire treatment

O. V. Vozniy, D. Duday, A. Lejars, T. Wirtz


16.10 – 16.30     Oral talk 50

Laser induced breakdown spectroscopy: a new technique for the analysis of molten silicon

R. Benrabbah, S. Darwiche, D. Morvan


16.30                  CLOSING CERIMONY









Poster Session 1

(These posters are shown from Monday 25 June at 1.00 pm to Wednesday 27 June at 1.00 pm)



Thermal plasma diagnostics by moiré deflectometry

G. de Izarra, C. de Izarra



Up-scaling metal nanoparticle production by means of arc discharge

M. Stein, M. Rouenhoff, D. Kiesler, F. E. Kruis



On the measurement of electron number density in laser-induced plasmas

S. Legnaioli, G. Lorenzetti, V. Palleschi, L. Pardini, A. De Giacomo



Influence of the process frequency on surface modification of polypropylene by air dielectric barrier discharge (DBD)

K. G. Kostov, T. M. C. Nishime, L. R. O. Hein, A. Toth



Effects of atmospheric pressure plasma treatment on metal surfaces

V. Prysiazhnyi, M. Cernak



Vacuum laser produced plasma for analytical application in fusion technologies

S. Almaviva, L. Caneve, F. Colao, R. Fantoni, G. Maddaluno



Observation of the Tailoring of the EEDF with Variation of the Molar Fraction of O2 in Argon Plasma Using OES

S. H. Park, H. J. Rho, J. M. Choe, G. H. Kim



Investigation of nanosecond discharge in pressurized air sustained by high-voltage pulses with different rise-times

S. Yatom , D. Levko, J. Z. Gleizer, V. Vekselman, Ya. E. Krasik



Measurement of electron energy distribution function using optical emission spectroscopy

H.J. Roh, S.H. Park, N.K. Kim, G.H. Kim



Generation of nano roughness on fiber materials by atmospheric plasma treatment

I. Kulyk, M. Scapinello, M. Stefan



Spectroscopic investigation of multiple Boltzmann distributions of various atomic and ionic states in an expanding H2O-Ar dc arc jet

V. Sember, A. Mašláni



Long-term stability of visible light responsible TiO2 treated with H2-plasma

S. Kogoshi, S. Araki, S. Yazawa, K. Watarai, H. Araya, N. Katayama, Y. Kudo



Using atmospheric plasma spraying and suspension plasma spraying processes for optical application coating developments

J. Marthe, E. Meillot, F. Enguehard, J. Jeandel



Microstructure and tribological properties of APS sprayed nanostructured and conventional Al2O313TiO2 coatings

W. Zórawski, A. Góral, O. Bokuvka



Molybdenum arc –sprayed coatings: model of splat solidification and micro-structure development

Y. Mebdoua, F. Malki, A. Vardelle, D. Gobin, P. Fauchais



Stability improvement of the icephobic PTFE coatings prepared by RF plasma sputtering

R. Jafari, M. Farzaneh



Study of RF-excited diethylene glycol dimethyl ether plasmas by mass spectrometry

M. A. Algatti, R. P. Mota, P. W. P. Moreira Júnior, R. Y. Honda, M. E. Kayama, K. G. Kostov



Modification of the surface properties of tetrafluoroethylene-co-perfluoropropylvinylether copolymer by DC discharge

A. B. Gilman, M. Yu. Yablokov, M. S. Piskarev, N. M. Surin, N. A. Shmakova, A. A. Kuznetsov



Water-cooled gliding arc source used for adhesion improvement of glass-fibre-reinforced polyester

Y. Kusano, B. F. Sørensen, T. L. Andersen, F. Leipold, M. Salewski, Z-W Sun, J. Zhu, Z-S Li, M. Alden



Polymer particle coating process using gliding arc discharge coupled with spouted bed

H. Lee, S. Kodama, H. Sekiguchi



Protective SiO:CH films deposited by PECVD at 13.56 or 27.12MHz

M.G. Muresan, L. Zajícková, V. Pekar, V. Buršíková, A. Charvátová Campbell, M. Valtr, V. Perina



Hexamethyldisilazane plasma thin film treated by atmospheric dieletric barrier discharge

M. E. Kayama, A. L. Santos, F. V. P. Kodaira, K. G. Kostov, M. A. Algatti, R. Y. Honda, R. P. Mota, R. A. B. Silva, M. B. Siqueira, K. A. Campos



Low pressure plasma processes used to control the osteoblast cells colonization inside 3D scaffolds

F. Intranuovo, M. Domingos, A. Gloria, R. Gristina, P. J. Bartolo, P. Favia



Plasma deposited materials for micro fuel cells technology

F. Fracassi, A. Milella, R. d’Agostino



Control the hydrophobicity of nanoparticle surfaces by depositing amorphous hydrogenated carbon and fuorocarbon polymer films obtained by a low-pressure plasma

A. Shahravan, T. Matsoukas



Surface modification of polyester fabric by non-thermal plasma treatment

R. C. Lima da Silva, C. Alves Jr, J. H. Nascimento, J. Neves, V. Teixeira



Afterglow microwave plasma surface treatment of EPDM rubber for adhesion improvement

J.V. Maia, F.P. Pereira, M. Massi, S.A.C. Mello, J.C.N. Dutra, H.S. Maciel, A.S. da Silva Sobrinho



Efficiency of inductively torch plasma operating at atmospheric pressure on destruction of chlorinated liquid wastes. A path to the treatment of radioactive organic halogen liquid wastes.

G. Kamgang-Youbi, K. Poizot, F. Lemont



Diagnostic analysis of free burning and constricted arcs and the interaction with metallic materials

E. Siewert, J. Schein



Anode jet characteristics of argon-hydrogen arc under atmospheric pressure

M. Tanaka, T. Shimizu, F. Liang, T. Watanabe



Erosion rates of contacts materials in low voltage switching devices

K. Hernández, M. Masquère, M. Razafinimanana, J-J. Gonzalez



Effect of nucleation temperature on metal boride nanoparticle synthesis in RF thermal plasma processing

Y. Cheng, S. Choi, T. Watanabe



Synthesis of single-walled carbon nanotubes with different catalysts using induction thermal plasma technology: experimental and thermodynamical studies

Y. Alinejad, A. Shahverdi, G. Soucy



Single wall carbon nanotubes synthesis by electric arc: correlation between plasma characteristics and products morphology for various chamber volumes

V. Ramarozatovo, M. Razafinimanana, M. Monthioux, F. Valensi, M. Masquère



Heterogeneous C-N carbon nanotube synthesis by electric arc

V. Ramarozatovo, M. Razafinimanana, M. Monthioux, F. Valensi, T. P. Roge, V. Serin, R. Arenal, S. Joulié, M. Masquère



Deposition of cobalt and alumina nanoparticles in plasma-chemical reactor

A. G. Astashov, A. V. Samokhin N. V. Alekseev, M. A. Sinaiskiy, N. F. Korovkina



Polymerization of 1-Naphthylamine by DC discharge

Alla B. Gilman, Mikhail Yu. Yablokov, Maria Augustyniak-Jablokov, Krzysztof Tadyszak, Alexander A. Kuznetsov



Synthesis of carbon structures from Ar-C2H2 and Ar-H2-C2H2 plasma

L. Marcinauskas, A.Grigonis, V. Valincius



CH4-CO2 dry reforming in a plug flow DBD reactor

L M Martini, G Dilecce, G. Guella and P Tosi



In-flight particle measurement of glass raw materials in hybrid heating of twelve-phase AC arc with oxygen burner

Y. Liu, M. Tanaka, T. Ikeba, S. Choi, T. Watanabe



Production of TiN thin films in cathodic cage discharge

N. F. Daudt, J. C. P. Barbosa; M. B. Pereira, M. Massi, C. Alves



Plasma synthesis and sintering of SiC powder

Z. Károly, Sz. Klébert, P. Fazekas, J. Szépvölgyi



Spark plasma sintering of Si3N4/CNTs composites

C. Balázsi, O. Tapasztó, Z. Károly, P. Kun, K. Balázsi, J. Szépvölgyi



Metal/plasma polymer nanocomposite coatings for sensor applications

M. Drabik, E. Körner, M. Amberg, D. Hegemann



Deposition of zinc oxide thin films by reactive magnetron sputtering for piezoresistive sensors

G. W. A. Cardoso, M. Massi, M. A. Fraga, C. Alves, A. S. da Silva Sobrinho



Thermal plasma at low and atmospheric pressure for basic research on the oxi-dation mechanism of C/C-SiC composite

G. Petraconi, R. J. Silva, L. I. Charakhovski, C. Otani, H. S. Maciel, A. R. Marquesi



Study of fault arc established between a cable and a composite plate in aeronautics conditions

H. El Bayfa, F. Valensi, M.Masquere, A. Gleizes



Biomass gasification by electric arc on melted glass

I. Carlesi, M. Mabrouk, C. Lafon, F. Lemont, J.M. Baronnet



Production of hydrogen rich syngas by steam plasma gasification of biomass

M. Hrabovsky, M. Hlina, M. Konrad, V. Kopecky, O. Chumak, T. Kavka, A. Maslani



Long life time electrodes for alternating current plasma torches, diagnostics of their condition

V. E. Kuznetsov, V. N. Shiryaev, A. A. Safronov, R. V. Ovchinnikov, O. B. Vasilieva, J. D. Dudnik



Hydrogen production using the steam-plasma gasification process of the used car tires

V. A. Kuznetsov, V. E. Popov, A. S. Lerner, I. I. Kumkova



Gas decomposition in a plasma-catalyst two-stage reactor

J.-O. Lee, W. S. Kang, Y.-H. Song, D. H. Lee, K. T. Kim, M. Hur, Y.-K. Park, J.-S. Chang, W. C. Choi



Adsorption and non thermal plasma regeneration of acetone on TiO2: influence of air humidity

S. Loganathan, F. Thévenet, P. Gravejat, A. Rousseau



Removal of mercury from diatomite sorbent powder by oxygen low-pressure hollow cathode discharge

G. Petraconi, C. Otani, A. C. Cruz, A. R. Coutinho



Plasma gasification of organic containing substances as a promising way of development of alternative renewable power engineering

Ph.G. Rutberg, A.N. Bratsev,V.A. Kuznetsov, I.I. Kumkova, V.E. Popov



Decomposition of chlorobenzene in RF thermal plasma

P. Fazekas, E. Bódis, A. Keszler, Zs. Czégény, J. Szépvölgyi



The sorption kinetics of plasma polymerized polyaniline thin films to volatile organic compounds

H. Goktas, Z. Ozbek, Z. Demircioglu, R. Capan



Degradation of m-cresol in aqueous solution by dielectric barrier discharge

B. Jaramillo-Sierra, A. Mercado-Cabrera, R. Lopez-Callejas, R. Peña-Eguiluz, S. Barocio, R. Valencia-Alvarado, B. Rodríguez-Méndez, A. Muñoz-Castro, A. de la Piedad-Beneitez  



Ionization of CO2 and mixtures of CO2/H2S using plasma of radio frequency

M. G. Neira-Velázquez, E. Hernández-Hernández, Y. Perera-Mercado, A. Y. Ruíz-Martínez, C. G. Hernández-Ramos



Single step plasma nanotexturing of silicon: antireflective and photovoltaic behaviour

F. Palumbo, R. Di Mundo, M. Ambrico, P. Ambrico, R. d’Agostino



Syngas production by plasma treatments of alcohols, bio oils and wood

K. Arabi, O. Aubry, A. Khacef, J.-M. Cormier



Deposition of silicon thin films at high deposition rates with hollow cathode source

P. Dimitrakellis, E. Amanatides, D. Mataras, D.E Rapakoulias



Recalcitrance of sugarcane bagasse pretreated plasma before lignocellulose hydrolysis

L. V. Santos, K. K. Sakane, P.M. Santos, R. S. Pessoa, P. M. S. C. M. Leite, T. M. B.Campos, G. J. M. Rocha, J. G. C. Pradella, P. Gilberto, H. S. Maciel



Study on surface treatment of poly-dimethylsiloxane using discharge with bare electrodes and dielectric barrier discharge

M. K. Han, K. Y. Lee, C. S. Ha, T. H. Kim, D. H. Kim, H.-J. Lee, H. J. Lee



Comparison of a planar and a cylindrical magnetron sputter with a two-dimensional particle-in-cell simulation

M. Y. Hur, H. W. Bae, B. S. Yang, J. Y. Lee, H.-J. Lee, H. J. Lee



Analysis of standing wave effects in large area high-frequency capacitive coupled plasmas using FDTD method

J. S. Kim, S. W. Hwang, I. C. Song, H.-J. Lee, H. J. Lee



Surface functionalization of textiles by sputter coating

J. Koprowska, B. Wisniewski, A. Szwugier








Poster Session 2

(These posters are available from Thursday 28 June at 8.30 am to Friday 29 June at 5.00 pm)



Net emission coefficient of CO2-Cu thermal plasmas: role of copper and of the molecules

T. Billoux, V.F.Boretskij, Y. Cressault, A.N.Veklich, A. Gleizes



Calculation of the pressure rise due to sparking around a bolt fastener when an aircraft is struck by lightning

T. Billoux, Ph. Teulet, Y. Cressault, A. Gleizes, M. Masquère, I. Revel, B. Lepetit, G. Peres



Simulation of high-power thermal arcs in air: importance of the plasma overpressure

L. Chemartin, B. Peyrou, P. Laland, B. G. Chéron



Calculation of the photo-ionisation cross sections and radiative recombination rate coefficients for N2, N2+, CO and CO+ molecules

R. Dhouioui, Ph. Teulet, Y. Cressault, H. Ghalila, N.E. Jaïdane



Mean absorption coefficients for SF6 + PTFE arc plasmas

N. Bogatyreva, M. Bartlova, V. Aubrecht



Numerical analysis on synthesis of aluminium nitride in thermal plasma processing

T-H Kim, D-W Park



The influence of turbulence and radiative transfer method on characteristics of a hybrid-stabilized argon-water electric arc

J. Jeništa, H. Takana, H. Nishiyama, M. Bartlová, V. Aubrecht, P. Krenek



Stability of near-anode layers of high-pressure arc discharges

M. S. Benilov, U. Hechtfischer



Sheath vs. arc-column voltages in high-pressure arc discharges

M. S. Benilov, L. G. Benilova, H-P Li, G-Q Wu



Effect of Joule heat generation in cathodes of high-pressure arc discharges

M. S. Benilov, M. D. Cunha



Stabilization of arc fluctuation in DC plasma torch

Y-G Jin, G-H Kim


The electrical discharge characteristics of the 3.5 KJ electrothermal plasma gun experiment

F. Diab, Gamal M. El-Aragi. Gamal El-Kashef, A. H. Saudy



Tomographic investigations of instabilities in thermal plasma jet

J. Hlína, J. Gruber, J. Šonský



The investigation of an electric arc in the long cylindrical channel of the powerful high-voltage AC plasma torch

Ph. G. Rutberg, S. D. Popov, A. V. Surov, E. O. Serba, Gh. V. Nakonechny, V. A. Spodobin, A. V. Pavlov



A novel 2.45 GHz/200 W microwave plasma jet for high temperature applications above 3600 K

C. Schopp, F. Nachtrodt, H. Heuermann, U. W. Scherer, D. Mostacci, T. Finger, W. Tietsch



The design and properties of arc heaters for gas heating

J. Šenk, I. Jakubová, O. M. Chumak



E-H mode transition of a high power inductively coupled plasma torch at atmospheric pressure with a metallic cooling tube

J. Altenberend, G. Chichignoud, Y. Delannoy



Radiation of transient high-current arcs: energy measurement in the optical range

J.M. Bauchire, D. Hong, H. Rabat, G. Riquel



Contribution to the study of the glow to arc transition in 100 mbar argon

R. Landfried, Ph. Dessante, M. Kirkpatrick, T. Leblanc, E. Odic, Ph. Teste



Simulation of charged and excited particle transport in the low-current discharge in argon-mercury mixture

G.G. Bondarenko, M.R. Fisher, V.I. Kristya



Micro-scale simulations of pure CO2 splitting in dielectric barrier discharges

R. Aerts, A. Bogaerts



Extended fluid model of a dc glow discharge with nonlocal ionization source term

I. Rafatov, E. A. Bogdanov, A. A. Kudryavtsev



Study of glow discharge positive column with dust particles in neon

D. N. Polyakov, V. V. Shumova, L. M. Vasilyak



Dynamic trap is a tool to catch charge dust particles at atmospheric pressure and create the Coulomb crystal

L.V. Deputatova, V.I. Molotkov, V.N. Naumkin , V.Ya. Pecherkin , L.M. Vasilyak ,V.I. Vladimirov, V.E. Fortov



Modelling self-organization in dc glow microdischarges with the use of COMSOL Multiphysics

P. G. C. Almeida, M. S. Benilov, M. J. Faria



Use of non-local plasma of helium microdischarge for gas impurities detection

A. A. Kudryavtsev, P. M. Pramatarov, M. S. Stefanova N. A. Khromov, R. A. Peeva



Collisional plasma acceleration in a radial plasma source

G. Makrinich, A. Fruchtman



Spectroscopic study of atmospheric pressure microwave plasma 915 MHz at high argon flow rate

R. Miotk, B. Hrycak, M. Jasinski, J. Mizeraczyk



Numerical studying an influence of concentration of ultra-fine TiC inclusions on pulsed electron-beam treatment of plasma cermet coatings

O.P. Solonenko, V.E. Ovcharenko, A.A. Golovin, Yu.F. Ivanov



Numerical modelling of arc plasma torch: Inclusion of electrodes in the computational domain

M. Alaya, C. Chazelas, G. Mariaux, A. Vardelle



Modeling of thermal conductivity of porous thick thermal barrier coatings

A.Kocaman, Ö. Keles



Comparison of the light output efficiency of a XeCl dielectric barrier discharge excilamp between a pulsed voltage and pulsed current waveforms by using one dimensional dift-diffusion model

Le Thanh Doanh, Sounil Bhosle, Georges Zissis



Inactivation of different types of fungi by low-temperature plasma

H.Ghomi, S. Zahedi Azad, N. Navab Safa



Reactive species in liquids after treatment with a shielded atmospheric pressure plasma jet

H. Tresp, M. U. Hammer, J. Winter, A. Schmidt-Bleker, M. Dünnbier, M. A. Ch. Hänsch, K. Wende, K. Masur, Th. von Woedtke, K.-D. Weltmann, S. Reuter



BCD plasma inactivation of P. aeruginosa and E. coli

H. Ghomi, S. Mohades, H. Dabiri, N. Navab Safa



Improvement of biomedical properties of track-etched membranes for their application in the surgery of refractory glaucoma

L.I. Kravets, T.V. Ryazantseva, V.M. Elinson



Effect of air DBDs plasma process on eukaryotic cell line behavior

D. Pignatelli, R. Gristina, G. Dilecce, B.R. Pistillo, R. d’Agostino, S. De Benedictis, P. Favia  



RF-plasma deposition of PEO-like coatings on PCL scaffolds: an approach to guide cell colonization

R. A. Salama, R. Gristina, A. N. Habib, G. H. Waly, R. d’Agostino, P. Favia, E. Sardella



Study of space-resolving emission spectroscopy of atmospheric plasma jet in water

Y. Takemura, N. Yamaguchi



Shock waves in water at low energy pulsed electric discharges

Ph.G. Rutberg, V.A. Kolikov, M.E. Pinchuk, A.G. Leks, R.V. Dolinovskaya, V.N. Snetov, A.Yu. Stogov



Dynamics of bubble generated by low energy pulsed electric discharge in water

Ph.G. Rutberg, V.A. Kolikov, M.E. Pinchuk, A.G. Leks, R.V. Dolinovskaya, V.N. Snetov, A.Yu. Stogov



Three-dimensional carbon dc arc discharges models for nanostructure production

E. Tam, A. B. Murphy



Direct synthesis of sulfur nanocrystals obtained by cold plasma of hydrogen sulfide

E. Hernández-Hernández, M.G. Neira-Velázquez, Y. Perera-Argenis, C. A. Ávila Orta, A. R. Y. Ruiz-Martínez, C. G. Hernández-Ramos



Arc Motion in an alternating magnetic field imposed obliquely

R. Akiho, K. Takeda, M. Sugimoto



Amplitude variation of oscillating arc with the frequency of an alternating magnetic field

H.Okubo, K.Takeda, M.Sugimoto



Gas ratio effects on etch rate and profile uniformity in an Ar/CF4 capacitively coupled plasma

S. Zhao, A. Bogaerts



Spacecraft-plasma interactions in Saturn’s magnetosphere

V. V. Yaroshenko, W. J. Miloch, H. M. Thomas, G. E. Morfill



Thrust performance of dielectric barrier discharge plasma actuator

Y. Shin



Molecular dynamics simulations of the impact of plasma species on nickel catalyst surfaces for plasma catalysis applications

W. Somers, E.C. Neyts, A. Bogaerts



Microwave plasma and microwave plasmatron for industrial using              

A.M. Danylenko,  N.V. Danylenko, B. Ibrahimoglu, I. Ibrahimoglu



Optimized NH3 decomposition by operating mode control of rotating arc

K.-T. Kim, H. S. Kang, D. H. Lee, Y-H Song, I. M. Kim



Non thermal plasma assisted hydrocarbon conversion into hydrogen and carbon suboxide without CO2 emission

F. Odeyemi, M. Pekker, A. Rabinovich, A. Fridman



Bismuth oxide, gadolinium oxide and molybdenum oxide multilayer thin films deposition by reactive magnetron sputtering

A. Iljinas, V. Adomonis



Pyrogas conversion into syngas with non equilibrium plasma

F. Odeyemi, A. Rabinovich, A. Fridman



Spectroscopic characterization of plasma generated by waveguide-supplied coaxial-line-based nozzleless microwave source

B. Hrycak, R. Miotk, M. Jasinski, J. Mizeraczyk



Aluminum surface analysis after exposed to dense electrothermal lancher plasma

F. Diab, Gamal M. El-Aragi. Gamal El-Kashef, A. H. Saudy



Comparing the effects of different atmospheric pressure non-equilibrium plasma sources on PLA oxygen permeability

M. Boselli, V. Colombo, M. G. De Angelis, E. Ghedini, M. Gherardi, R. Laurita, M. Minelli, P. Sanibondi, A. Stancampiano



Fluid-dynamic characterization of atmospheric pressure non-equilibrium plasma sources for biomedical applications

M. Boselli, V. Colombo, E. Ghedini, M. Gherardi, R. Laurita, A. Liguori, P. Sanibondi, A. Stancampiano



Transition from non-uniform to uniform discharge in nanosecond pulsed FE-DBD and linear corona non-equilibrium plasmas

M. Boselli, V. Colombo, E. Ghedini, M. Gherardi, R. Laurita, A. Liguori, P. Sanibondi, A. Stancampiano



Effluent composition, thermal output and fluid-dynamics of a dual gas plasma needle device for biomedical applications: Part I

M. Boselli, V. Colombo, E. Ghedini, M. Gherardi, R. Laurita, A. Liguori, P. Sanibondi, A. Stancampiano



Effluent composition, thermal output and fluid-dynamics of a dual gas plasma needle device for biomedical applications: Part II

M. Boselli, V. Colombo, E. Ghedini, M. Gherardi, R. Laurita, A. Liguori, P. Sanibondi, A. Stancampiano



Diagnostics and modelling for the optimization of precursor evaporation in silicon nano-particle synthesis by radiofrequency induction thermal plasma

V. Colombo, C. Delval, E. Ghedini, M. Gherardi, M. Leparoux, P. Sanibondi



Microstructural analysis of high current hafnium cathodes during first plasma arc cutting cycles

F. Rotundo, C. Martini, C. Chiavari, L. Ceschini, A. Concetti, E. Ghedini, V. Colombo, S. Dallavalle



RF thermal plasma treatment of dredged sediments: vitrification and silicon extraction

V. Colombo, E. Ghedini, M. Gherardi, V. Mani, P. Sanibondi, B. Vazquez



3-D time-dependent modeling of an AC electric arc furnace for steelmaking

V. Colombo, P. Frittella, E. Ghedini, E. Malfa, P. Sanibondi, G. Solari